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#Egypt from home

Watch, visit and learn. Pause but look to better days

As the lockdown continues in the UK, we wanted to keep you up to date with events here at Discover Egypt UK and in Egypt.

We have now cancelled our trips through until the end of June and all customers due to travel have been offered to transfer, at the same price, to an alternative holiday in 2021, or if not, offering a full cash refund. This policy follows the law brought about by the European Package Travel Regulations 2018 and we continue to adhere to this.

We have been following a very interesting documentary on Channel 4 these last 2 Saturdays – really groundbreaking discoveries (excuse the pun) in Luxor and Aswan. Also, how some of Tutankhamun’s possessions are being transported from Luxor to the new Grand Cairo Museum, due to open later this year.


A continued initiative taken by the Egyptian government is access to virtual tours of the country’s archaeological sites and antiquities. This project is the result of the cooperation of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities with Harvard University. Until the real encounter takes place with such fascinating sites, we hope that this ‘virtual visit’ will provide you with the inspiration to plan you next visit to Egypt.

You can find some of the links below (Ctrl + Click to follow):

Step Pyramid complex at Sakkara 

Niankh Khnum & Khnumhotep Mastaba at Sakkara 

Mehu Mastaba at Sakkara 

Wahty Mastaba at Sakkara

Zoological Museum at Giza

Coptic Museum Cairo

Ben Ezra Synagogue:

Sultan Barquq Mosque:

Red Monastery:

Tomb of Menna in the Theben Necropolis: 

Tomb of Queen Meresankh III:

Beni Hassan:

Kom Al-Shuqafa catacombs:


We are adding these to our Facebook and Twitter, as well as looking at short videos on Instagram.

Perhaps not top of your list right now, but we do have all of our holidays and cruises for 2021 on sale – so give us a call- 020 7407 2111 - if you would like to discuss a future trip or even if you would just like to chat about one of our destinations.

We are sure that when this is all behind us you will look to travel again and hope that you will also appreciate the efforts we are making to be here when you do.



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