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Petra Weekend 3 nights

Petra is perhaps one of Jordan's most famous attractions, lost to the world for centuries, it is an entire city carved in stone over 2000 years ago and was once the thriving capital of the Nabataean Kingdom that established itself as the centre of trade between the ancient East and West. Now a UNESCO world heritage site it is a truly enchanting place and is accessed by walking through a long narrow gorge called a siq which leads to Petra's most famous monument the Treasury. Petra is strewn with hundreds of buildings, tombs, temples and colonnaded streets, all of which can be explored at leisure.

Petra, Jordan - Petra Weekend 3 nights petra5intro.jpg - Petra Weekend 3 nights Petra amphitheatre New.jpg - Petra Weekend 3 nights

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   11-Feb-2022     RQ     RQ £945.00  £945.00 
   12-Feb-2022 £895.00  £895.00      RQ     RQ
   18-Feb-2022     RQ     RQ £945.00  £945.00 
   19-Feb-2022 £895.00  £895.00      RQ     RQ
   25-Feb-2022     RQ     RQ £945.00  £945.00 

What's Included

  • Daily breakfast
  • Direct flights to Amman from the UK
  • Resort transfers and UK airport taxes
  • Personal luggage allowance

Pricing Information

Prices are per person based on two people sharing a twin room on bed & breakfast basis

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Gatwick Sat EasyJet 09:05/21:55 Nov - March