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Ultimate Long Cruise Luxor-Cairo 11 Nights

Cruise the length of Egypt visiting Lower, Middle and Upper Egypt. The ideal way to see the best of Egypt's classical and ancient sights along the Nile, from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan as well as the the magnificent treasures and exciting atmosphere of Cairo.

Cairo18_480.jpg - Ultimate Long Cruise Luxor-Cairo 11 Nights Karnak Temple_480x210.jpg - Ultimate Long Cruise Luxor-Cairo 11 Nights rb4040_Nile_Intro.jpg - Ultimate Long Cruise Luxor-Cairo 11 Nights Royal-53__002_480x270_.jpg - Ultimate Long Cruise Luxor-Cairo 11 Nights


  • Ultimate Long Cruise, Cairo to Aswan

    We booked the Ultimate Long Cruise, Cairo to Aswan which departed 2nd May 2019 and wanted to pass on our thanks to the Discover Egypt team for providing a fantastic cruise and itinerary. We have cruised on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan a number of times and also cruised from Aswan to Abu Simbel on Lake Nasser but had been cancelled from the ‘long cruise’ twice (with another travel agent) due to the political climate in Egypt at the time, so to actually have completed this trip this was a major achievement for us. It certainly was a unique experience and the trip definitely lived up to our expectations – we genuinely had the time of our lives. We were very fortunate to have an excellent, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate Egyptologist/Guide, Mahmoud Azab Omda. Mahmoud greatly enhanced our Ancient Egyptian experience with his passionate storytelling, as well as helping us understand modern-day Egypt. He looked after us with great care even though most of the trip was during Ramadan. With only 4 in our group – it was almost a private tour! Unfortunately for the Jaz Royale team there were only 13 tourists on board but, as a result, we were pampered with table service at Lunch and dinner (not cost effective to put on buffet meals each day) and all the usual amenities and services were available to us. As an added bonus, we were also pleased to be able to disembark at towns along the way for a walk and coffee after dinner, albeit with an armed escort numbering more than us! In Sohag we were welcomed by officials from the Tourist Office and given flags and guidebooks before being taken to a craft market (not staged for us) with absolutely no obligation to buy anything – just full of very welcoming local Egyptians bearing free drinks and sweets! (needless to say, we did purchase a couple of items!). We would highly recommend this tour, it’s just a shame for all concerned that there were so few tourists on the boat when we went. Kevin & Janine

  • Jaz Royale March 2019

    Cairo to Aswan March 2019. Just a quick message to say that my client had a fantastic time on her Long Cruise from Cairo and has been full of praise for yourselves (Discover Egypt), the organization, transfers, sightseeing, ship comfort, staff and food etc. It was a wonderful trip - plus they felt safe and protected.

  • Jaz Royale March 2019

    Cairo to Aswan March 2019. Just a short note to say that we had a fantastic holiday, thanks to Discover Egypt, and your partners. Stephen.