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Lake Nasser Cruises

We offer a range of holidays that include a cruise on Lake Nasser. We normally include a 4 night itinerary from Aswan which culminates in a visit to the Temples of Abu Simbel. Our recommended holidays include hotel stays in other resorts such as Luxor, Aswan or Cairo, or in conjunction with a Nile Cruise

abu-simbel-temple.jpg - Lake Nasser Cruises Kasr Ibrim - Lake Nasser Cruises Kasr Ibrim Deck - Lake Nasser Cruises
To the south of Aswan stands Lake Nasser, an enormous reservoir formed by the building of the high dam in 1971. Here you will discover the lesser known temples as well as Abu Simbel, Egypt's greatest monument after the Pyramids.

These ancient temples which represent incredible feats of modern engineering as they were relocated to escape the rising waters brought about by the building of the dam are best enjoyed on board a luxurious cruise across the tranquil waters of Lake Nasser.

Cruises on Lake Nasser operate on 3 or 4 night durations aboard either the Steigenberger Omar El Khayam or Movenpick Prince Abbas
We normally recommend combining stays in other resorts such as Luxor or Aswan or in association with a Nile cruise.