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Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the country’s economic and cultural centre. Situated on a long strip of the Mediterranean coast, the city extends beyond the Yarkon River to the north and the Ayalon River to the east. It is a lively city with a host of amenities and a rich night life.

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Established as a city in 1909, Tel Aviv is a modern city renowned for its beaches, restaurants and nightclubs. Meaning ‘Hill of Spring’ in Hebrew, Tel Aviv was originally planned as a garden city but is now a bustling mix of architectural styles, including the Bauhaus White City area and the Yoo Towers skyscraper. Tel Aviv boasts a number of cultural sites for the visitor, including the Jewish Diaspora Museum and the Museum of Art. You can enjoy wandering around Old Jaffa, the seafront and exclusive Rothschild Boulevard. Tel Aviv is a food lovers’ paradise, offering everything from snacks at the many street kiosks to gourmet restaurants. Middle Eastern specialities are fused with European and American influences to create a unique blend of modern Israeli cuisine. Tel Aviv’s beaches range from hectic stretches with a party atmosphere to quieter sections suitable for families. Above all Tel Aviv provides an ideal base for touring the whole country from the Galilee through to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.