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Tailor Made

If you are interested in experiencing the full wonders of Egypt, Jordan & Israel, then our tailor-made flexibility allows you to explore the places not featured in our planned itineraries or to add those extras that are essential for you to make the most of your holiday – and you can even combine more than one country in a single itinerary. Nile cruises can be combined with memorable destinations such as the tranquil waters of Lake Nasser, the fascinating cities of Aswan in Egypt, Petra in Jordan and Jerusalem in Israel. Feel inspired by our range of holiday types and let our expert team help you create a holiday that’s just right for you.


rb4040_Nile_Intro.jpg - Tailor Made petra18intro.JPG - Tailor Made ash-747intro.jpg - Tailor Made
S_b8b98a5110a9d9bc9ea53e524c03b60f3e6be740 Beach HolidaysTailor-pointer
S_5ccdb4c7b4fee891aa64035ffef7a41f9379d8b6 City BreaksTailor-pointer
S_a7d2beaf04e6bc6a1fa22af5d3e6e0bdf6dbbbe4 Cultural HolidaysTailor-pointer
S_d965b20b442f204b7d37d6798ab99ee88fd406da Desert & OasisTailor-pointer
S_110fc71654d1038977c4411801d245420124f0ad DivingTailor-pointer
S_007d73275f93312792adc76165f960d7eaf309ef GolfingTailor-pointer
S_5b458b2c06061db915c26900c567f05a8aff764d Group ToursTailor-pointer
S_4226d8d6d33270dfbefcba1c00d0e7842871c0de HoneymoonsTailor-pointer
S_96b596570c555dfbcc4defb34ccc538c5f4d8864 Indulge YourselfTailor-pointer
S_049ff3abe00c0518664466f8e430701e2c4095c8 Luxury HolidaysTailor-pointer
S_acbb18f1b22367c0ab01102fd8303d9beaba22c1 Private ToursTailor-pointer
S_d35789cc9c1bc34d7c7dd76dddcb97c175416b24 Special Interest HolidaysTailor-pointer