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Petra is perhaps one of Jordan's most famous attractions, lost to the world for centuries, it is an entire city carved in stone over 2000 years ago and was once the thriving capital of the Nabataean Kingdom that established itself as the centre of trade between the ancient East and West.

petra18 New.JPG - Petra Petra amphitheatre New.jpg - Petra petra6.jpg - Petra

Hayat Zaman Hotel

The Hayat Zaman is a highly distinguished hotel and resort village with spectacular views of the Wadi Mose’s Valley and the rose coloured mountains.

The resort is just a short distance from the hustle and bustle of Petra and can be easily be reached by car or bus, it makes for a wonderfully peaceful retreat.

The Beit Zaman has been carefully restored to afford  guests a high level of comfort an service and offers indoor swimming-pool, sauna, tennis courts, Arabian bakery, souvenir shop, car parking, Nabatean pool, discotheque, ArtiZaman handicraft shops selling goods crafted by artisans in the village's workshops. The hotel has several exceptional restaurants that offer excellent Arabic and international cuisine

The hotel comprises 129 guesthouses and a royal suite, all with private bathrooms, climate-controlled and tastefully furnished in the late 19th century style. All rooms feature satellite television, direct dial telephone, mini-bar with soft drinks,kettle, hairdryer and safety deposit box

(This hotel is not part of the Hyatt chain of hotels)