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Border crossing Jordan to Israel

This is the crossing point between Jordan and the Palestinian Territories,also known as the West Bank. It is not an official border since the PT is not an independent state. It is an "unofficial" border defined as a Crossing Point by the Jordanians.

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Allenby Bridge / King Hussein Bridge

Exit taxes:From Jordan: Exit tax out of Jordan JOD 10 pp, approx $15

From West Bank to Jordan at Allenby Bridge or King Hussein Bridge: NIS178 approximately $52

From Israel to Jordan at Jordan Valley Border (sometimes known as Sheikh Hussein Bridge): NIS 108 pp (approximately $32)

Transport between border Terminals - Shuttle & VIP:

The Jordanian and Israeli terminals are approximately 5 km apart. There are two ways to get from one to the other - A shuttle bus or the VIP van:

The shuttle bus costs JOD 5.00 pp (approx $8) plus JOD 1.50 (approx $2) per each luggage checked in the bus hold. Payment accepted in major currencies other than JOD. The VIP service between the Jordanian and Israeli Terminals costs approximately $110 pp each way. The service includes "VIP" waiting rooms, assistance with immigration, security and luggage; plus a van shuttle between the terminals.

Visas & Entry to Jordan:

You are NOT able to get a visa to Jordan at King Hussein/ Allenby Bridge. You must have a visa in advance to enter Jordan at King Hussein/ Allenby Bridge. You may apply for a visa in your home country, at the Jordanian Embassy in Tel Aviv or the Jordanian Representative Office in Ramallah.

If you have crossed from Jordan to Jerusalem via King Hussein/ Allenby Bridge, then you are allowed to return to Jordan from King Hussein/ Allenby as long as your Jordan visa is still valid. You can get a visa to Jordan at Sheikh Hussein Bridge (also known as the Jordan River Crossing) which is one hour north of Allenby or King Hussein Bridge. Visas cost JOD 30 (or $40) per person.

Israeli & Jordanian Stamps in passports

The current (since early 2013) policy in Israel is not to stamp passports but to issue travellers with a personalised printed card. This card has a scanned copy of your passport photo on it, along with your name and entry date. This card must be kept with your passport throughout the duration of your stay in Israel. Be sure to keep this with you, as it is your proof of entry to the country and you may need it to show at Israeli checkpoints if asked. You also need to show it when leaving Israel/ Palestine.However, please note the rules do change and we recommend you still mention to the authorities that you don't want your passport stamped